Odadan in US,April 11, 2010

Japanese choir unexpected treat at international concert By Alyssa Simental


Published:Thursday, May 6, 2010
Updated:Thursday, May 6, 2010

Southwestern College's Concert Choir and Chamber Singers sang a combined concert with Chula Vista's sister city's male choir Odadan from Odawara, Japan, which blossomed into a divine performance.

SWC's Chamber Singers performed first. There was a definite air about them that made their music come to life even though many of the performers front and center were lacking enthusiasm.

It was apparent that many of the singers were not actually singing, mouths were moving but nothing good was really coming out. Stands were sparse and some people were dancing while others were simply deer caught in the headlights about it all. It was more than clear that the star of the choir was William "B.J.” Robinson, divine with a grin spread from ear to ear. His moves were smooth and there was excitement emitting from every move he made with each song he performed.

A one-of-a-kind performance by Odadan rekindled the audience’s excitement.Smiles were stretched across their faces as they made their way to the stage. There were not very many of them but boy did their voices carry,they sang in clear unison with each voice hitting all the right notes. There was little expression on their faces and even less dancing to their concert, but they made up for it with the strength, joy and serenity in their songs.

To celebrate the relationship with the city they performed music from Mexico titled "Cancion Mixteca" and "Mañanitas," which they sang in Spanish. It was impressive to see the effort they put into the song, not only did they learn Spanish to honor the large Latin culture of Chula Vista but they embraced the spirit of the songs.

Following the Odadan was the Concert Choir and when they approached the stage and the singing and dancing was in full effect, they created a good atmosphere put SWC groups back in the audience’s good graces.

What came next was truly a five-star routine.

Performing “What is This Feeling?” from the musical "Wicked," were twins, Juday and Maylou Fisher, whose singing was delightful. This was the Concert Choir’s most electrifying piece as the sisters had great chemistry with one another. As the song consisted of the good witch and bad witch much like “The Wizard of Oz,” they transformed into their characters perfectly.

SWC’s Concert Choir’s singing shook the house and had the audience in awe of their performance. These guys were a sight to see, and even though they were a large group, seemed like hundreds crowded the stage as their sounds of gospel rose thunderously yet gracefully. Concert Choir performers had their dancing down too, grooving to their tunes and swaying to the softer songs. Good vibes radiated from the stage, and even the audience rewarded them with earsplitting applause.

An encore performance by the Odadan was better than before, the men brought out their tambourines and triangles, keeping a beat to the rhythm of their music. Their conductor very precisely directed the rounds of singing, formulating a seemingly perfect harmony. With a little bit of everything, Japan’s Odadan choir stole the show. The charming and humble group members with Cheshire cat smiles earned the well-deserved love of the American audience.

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